About The Band

Based in Biddeford, Maine, The Alumni Band is currently in its thirty third year. The Band has over forty musicians.

A bit of history…
In the fall of 1989, The St. Louis Alumni Band was formed with the idea of marching in a parade or two and giving a couple of concerts at the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration scheduled for May of 1990. At the same time, the Alumni of Thornton Academy were preparing for the 100th anniversary of that School with a band of their own. Having been the music director at both schools, Marcel “Mike” Drapeau was the logical choice to lead both bands.

The St. Louis group was strong in brass and percussion while the Thornton Academy group had an abundance of woodwind players. Early in 1990, Mike suggested that the two groups merge into one band to take advantage of each other’s strengths. In March of that year, the first combined rehearsal of the two groups took place; and, it was inspirational to all.

On April 22,1990 the combined bands held their debut concert at the annual meeting of the St. Joseph’s Federal Credit Union. In addition to participating in both anniversary celebrations that year, the band also performed at the La Kermesse Festival and was a huge hit marching in their parade.

Later that year the band was incorporated as ‘The Alumni Band’. Its purpose would be to provide musical entertainment and promote music education in the communities it sprang from. Its membership was open to any musician over high school age from everywhere. Under the musical direction of Mike Drapeau, the Band was recognized as one of the busiest marching and concert community bands. On January 2, 2001, Director Mike passed away. We have been very fortunate over the years to have talented and devoted directors who have continued Mike’s tradition of providing a chance for people to continue enjoying music by playing their instruments and entertaining the community with concerts and marching in parades. Danielle Allie is the current director and conductor of The Alumni Band.